Virtual Vision Board!

Alright everybody! Let’s get this year started off right!  It’s time to get them vision boards cracking!


“Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

For those who do not know what a vision board is, a vision board is  a poster that you create that reflects your hearts desires. It is a visual representation of your hopes, desires and goals of the future. It’s purpose is to motive yourself to achieve these goals.  ANYTHING YOU WANT can be on your vision board because again, it’s YOUR VISION! Below are some examples of visions boards that have been done on poster board.


vision-boards           visionboard3






The alternative way to creating a physical vision board is to create a virtual one! One that you can use as your screensaver and print out to put on your wall! I just created mine for 2017!!



If you want to make one too, Ive got some directions for you below! This will take a bit of time, but it will be very fun!

  1. Find Photos

This is virtual so you can use google, social media, or any other site to create your dream board. THINK BIG! WHATEVER YOU WANT, PUT IT ON THAT BIH!!!! You can even crop yourself into pictures, so go brazy! What do you want now? What do you want to accomplish a few years from now? Make sure you download your photos to your mobile device so you can create your collage.


2. Edit Photos

Edit photos to the state that you’d want to insert them into your vision board. You can always change the size of the image but you want to get it as close to the final image that you can.




3. Download the KnockOut App 

KnockOut is a photo editing app that I used to create my vision board! There are many photo editing tools in this app, but for the most part your photos should be edited. Place photos to your hearts desire using this app!





Tips: Use circled option to create your collage. Save collage often. Chose a background, add photos on top till you’re happy!

4. Add Words, Emojis or WHATEVER

If you want to add words, it’s easiest to google a font generator. From there you can chose desired fonts, screenshot the words and edit them into your board. To add emojis, you can use Snapchat, or the Emoji photo editor app!




Set is as your background on your phone or laptop. Print it out and post it on your wall! YOU NEED TO SEE THIS ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!

image-2  image-1










#OnTheSly x Lion Babe Ep. 2

You are here because you are obsessed, ADMIT IT!!! I already know! So here’s the basics! Lion Babe is a neo soul duo straight outta New York City. The group consists of singer Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman. I am personally obsessed with this group. I feel like their music is composed perfectly (thank you Lucas) and Jillian’s voice *heart eye emoji.* Lion Babe busted onto the scene with their hit song “Treat Me Like Fire” in 2012 which I had on repeat for about a week after I heard it.

Fun Fact: Jillian Hervey is the daughter of Former Miss America, Vanessa Williams so we all know where she gets her gorgeous face from!


Treat Me Like Fire

First of all, this song is fire. Secondly, go ahead! Press play! Watch the entire video! I know you want to!!!


Jungle Lady

If you want something to ride around the city to, this is the song! Not only do I love how the song sounds and the vibes that come along with it, I love the lyrics. I get sprung over songs that have lyrics I can make into a caption at any given time


Did you miss tonight’s episode of #OnTheSly? No worries!! Watch the full episode of #OnTheSly below!

#OnTheSly x Ladi6 Ep. 1


Meet ladi6

Ladi6 is an R&B singer from New Zealand bringing all the good vibes this music game has to offer. Making her debut in the music scene in 2008, she has done it all from dropping a solo album, to being in a girl-group. Her unique style of music and visually aesthetic videos makes her such an undiscovered talent. Add these 2 songs to your playlist and your life will change!

Shine On

“All your strengths and weaknesses too, baby to me you are a star, so shine on.” The lyrics and video to this joint really resignations with me. Falling in love and finding the one is like traveling to different planets and seeing if what that planet has to offer fits jusssttttt right!  Anybody who knows me, knows I love anything animated and anything about space! This video goes down in my Top 10 cutest videos ever!


Ready To Fly

Man listen. When I tell you Ladi6 is my lyrical soul sister I mean it… Seriously. Catchy melody and groovy vibes for sure!


Watch the 1st episode of #OnTheSly with Lex and Ry here!